Adashay Happiness

Shay was rolle din her wheelchair up to her’s and Adam’s suite in the palace. Though the help was lovely, she wanted ever-so-badly to be well so her and Adam could leave and live on their own. 
Shay rolled into their bedroom as the nurse left. She lifted herself easily onto their bed, noticing the still heavy-sleeping Adam. She smiled; he was such a joy. Instead of waking him with her news, she wrapped her arms around his torso and kissed his cheek, deciding to let him sleep for as long as possible. 

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Little April Shower - Bambi

harmony-lana-white asked:
I'm fine. And you?

Doing quite well, actually. I am so glad you stopped by to say hello! I was just thinking about you the other day. 

harmony-lana-white asked:
Hello Shay!

Holly, dear! How are you today?

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